About Natural Selections Nursery

Established in 2009, Natural Selections Nursery is a retail nursery that specializes in growing herbaceous perennials and ferns of the Southern Appalachians from seed, spore, cutting or division. We produce only species plants; we do not grow named cultivars or hybrids. It takes anywhere from 2 to 6 years to bring a plant to quart size. Right now the majority of our plant inventory consists of shade perennials and ferns of the rich woods. Take a look at the inventory page to see what we are growing. We don't use pesticides or insecticides other than organic slug bait. All plants are grown outside and most even over winter outside in pots with no protection. Because they are native, they are at home in our weather cycles.

The mission of this nursery is to grow plants indigenous to the southern Appalachian area from local seed and spore whenever possible for various reasons: to keep the plants in healthy populations and numbers especially those perennials that are threatened in the wild by disease and pouching, to provide native plants as viable and available alternatives to typical home landscape plants that are invasive and to educate gardeners of all levels about the crucial connection between incorporating native plantings in home habitats thereby, keeping our native insect, bird and wildlife populations alive and healthy.

Native plants adapt wonderfully to home gardens; they thrive in their home climate and ecosystems, and they do not invade yards or nearby woods. If they do move around by bird or wind, there is no worry about them becoming invasive. One of the most interesting ways of gardening with natives is designing gardens as native ecosystems which involves researching the soil structure, soil ph, gradation, moisture content of the site and plants already established there. This information will reveal a picture of an already existing ecosystem found in the area, i.e. rich woods, high or low elevation rock outcrop, sunny meadow, seep, etc. Creating a garden this way ensures the survival and continuation of native insects and wildlife as well as creating a natural oasis of some of the most beautiful plants in the world. Such a garden is also one of the most low maintanence gardens imaginable.

We hope you find this site helpful and fun. Take a look at the various pages and be sure to follow the blog for plant, gardening and planting ideas.

Pat Sommers
Owner and grower